Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: S7- Castle

We need 220 Star Coins to unlock this level. We have 30 seconds to start. And Cosmic Mario's following us. Great. He's still a giant. The first Star Coin is over a pillar, so we jump from the long item block to get it. We ride a wooden square up. In the first alcove of a stone wall is the second Star Coin. We now have an obstacle course. You can try jumping over the pillars or wall-jump off them and let Cosmic Mario destroy them. We wall-jump off a pillar for the third Star Coin. We won't have to deal with Bowser in this level, thankfully. At the end of the bridge is a 100 second clock and Cosmic Mario disappears. Inside is a orange Mystery Box that warps us to the flagpole.

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