Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cosmic Cove Galaxy - Exploring the Cosmic Cavern

Welcome Back the Galaxy!

We return to the galaxy to find an urgent situation. There's a Luma trapped in a cage and a key is needed to unlock it. We must go and find the key! The water is still frozen (as well as the Cheep-cheeps) from our last adventure. We run into "Ice Demons", previously seen in Freezeflame. I take a hit from one and kill the rest. None of them have the key, so we have to search some more. We go into a green pipe.

We are transported into yet another 2D antfarm. There are water bubbles rolling down hill. We reach the midgate and reach a switch. Flipping it opens a gate below so we can progress. We dodge the eels present and swim down to the green pipe at the bottom.

We find ourselves high in space on yellow/orange striped platforms, still in 2D mode. There are blocks of water hovering in midair. We swim through them and go to others to move on. We find a set of three moving water blocks, where we must keep swimming (like Dory said)or risk falling out. I fell out a few times, but safely landed on platforms instead of spiralling into the black hole. Over the third water block is the key. We get the key, which automatically unlocks the cage. Nearby is a green pipe, as well as Star Bits in the shape of a Luma. The green pipe takes us back to the beach. The Luma thanks us- the cage was getting humid.(Well, I'm sorry you were uncomfortable and had to wait.)

But we're not done yet! The Luma doesn't provide us a Star as thanks, but transforms into a Launch Star and we are launched to a red Starshroom, where Red Toad directs our attention to the Star. The Toad Brigade can't go swimming on their "vacation" because the water's frozen. We clear the midgate and launch to the planet.

On this planet, we find new enemies. They are purple, and they smoosh to the ground to create an electric field. They can be killed by spinning. There are dirt patches among the rock, and we drill through them to get to the other side of the planet. (You can't walk across- there's a tall rock "equator" blocking your path.) Drilling in the long patch just off center will take you to the other side. There are Mechakoopas here. We break the one near the "equator" to release the key. Inside the cage was -wait for it - a patch of dirt! We drill into it and it floods the planet so we can reach the Star on the platform above the planet.
Star Get #22, Galaxy Complete, 408 Star Bits, 622 Coins, 9 Lives
Yippee- no Comets in this galaxy!
We land on the base, which means we brought somebody back! Lubba says there's a sassy penguin on board who wants to talk to us. He tells us to shake while swimming for speed, but we already knew that from Galaxy. It also drains your Air Meter very quickly.

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